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Turbolinux Installation Support Guide

What follows is the basic procedure for receiving support for Turbolinux products:
1. Begin user registration here, by entering the serial number of your newly-purchased product.
2. Then, if you have registered products with us previously, you may enter the serial number from one your previous purchases to register your new purchase with the same user information as your previous purchase.
Or, if you have not previously registered, you may continue on to enter your current contact information by clicking the "Next" button in the lower half of the screen and entering the information requested on subsequent screens.
3. Once you have registered your product, there is just one more step: hardware registration. Simply click here, enter the serial number of your product, and then enter the requested information on subsequent screens.
Turbolinux Installation Support
* Turbolinux 10 Desktop with Installation support
  The Installation Support Program allows users to obtain installation support for up to 30 days or three incidents.

Registration required
Product and support registration are required in order to obtain installation support. Upon registration, you will also receive installation support contract information.

How to request help
Please use the Turbolinux installation support web site to submit questions. All of your questions as well as our replies are stored in a support database, which is accessible to you 24 hours a day.

One question per request
We kindly request that you submit only one question per request. This will help us to investigate and respond to each of your questions as completely and quickly as possible.

Responses to your questions
A Turbolinux support engineer will respond to your question using the e-mail address which you entered when registering for support. We therefore ask that you keep your e-mail address current; it can be updated via the User Registration Update page.

Support duration
We do regret that we are currently unable to provide installation support beyond the specified limits.